Fabulous People: Traci Barrett

Traci Barrett is a hair stylist who’s work has appeared in Elle, Nylon, L’Officiel, Vogue, Paper, Grazia, & ODDA. Traci’s celebrity list includes household names such George Clooney, Justin Bieber, Kesha, Olivia Wilde, Barbara Streisand, Dave Grohl, Snooki, Adam Sandler, Lily Allen, Katie Holmes, Michelle Rodriguez and many more. She is now building her business here in Phoenix at Firefly Collective. Learn more about Traci Barrett…

Hometown: Phoenix , AZ

First job: My very first job was at Taco Bell! But shortly thereafter I started answering phones at what was then Toni&Guy salon. That is where I fell in love with the art of hairdressing. I really saw the stylists using hair as a medium! It was insane. I answered phones for a couple years until I graduated high school and then went to Toni&Guy Academy in Scottsdale where I was licensed. 

Favorite AZ restaurant: I have only been back in Phoenix for a few months and there are SO MANY new places to try. But right now I’m obsessed with Otro cafe.

Person who has impacted your life the most: There have been so many influential people in my life at different points. Too many to list. But I have to say honestly, the most impactful have been my parents. I am super lucky to have really supportive parents that have always been there. There have definitely been times where they needed a little persuading to get behind some of my ideas… But they have always been there for me. They always made me feel like I could do anything. 

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: I wouldn’t say there’s been one big accomplishment. I think that goals are relative. I have always set them to conquer them or allow them to guide me down a new road. That being said some of my career highlights, not including personal (like the birth of my daughter), would be – graduating from both hair and makeup school, getting an agent, getting into the film and television union.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: Self doubt. Especially as a creative. I think the process of making the work and the journey is just as important as the final product. And if you spend that time comparing yourself to others or judging yourself, nothing will ever be realized.

Someone who inspires you: My friends. Maybe its subconscious, but I have surrounded myself by entrepreneur and ‘self-made’ creatives. I thrive on those connections. I will sit outside for hours, after my daughter has gone to bed, talking to my friends and dissecting the problems of the world or our brands.

Favorite quote: ‘Leap, and the net will appear’ – John Burroughs 

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: I always say find someone who’s career you respect and assist them. That being said, no two paths are ever the same. So you also have to be able listen to your own internal cues and carve out your own identity in the business.

What you think makes someone fabulous: Confidence. 


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