Restaurant of the Week: DoH! Drunken Doughnuts and Coffee

Please step aside Avocado toast, a new Brunch King has arrived and it was brought to the Phoenix streets by DoH! Drunken Donuts and Coffee. They are putting a fun and boozy twist on Artisan donuts by pairing them with complementing alcohol injections.

DoH! offers 20 different flavors of handcrafted donuts, some inspired by popular TV characters like the pink sprinkled, Homer Simpson Donut or the Blue and cookie crumble Cookie Monster Cookie, which will be guaranteed hits among the kids. They also have flavors for the adults including a Chocolate Asteroid donut to bring back all of the 90’s nostalgia of your childhood or an Orange Glazed Pistachio Donut that will give you a rich and fresh flavor to wake you up in the morning.  You can infuse any of them over 6 Spirits including Fireball Whiskey, Kahlua, Grand Marnier, or Bailey’s. They do have suggested pairings but, ultimately you can infuse a donut according to your personal taste.

DoH! Donuts Cookie Monster

Among their delicious donuts, you can also find fresh made Bagels, Sandwiches, and locally sourced coffee. Lox and other popular bagel sandwich flavors are available all morning. They also offer other delectable treats like giant Apple fritters and a 1Pound Cinnamon Roll with cream cheese Icing to spice up any morning commute or early work meetings.

They serve mimosas everyday and with Prosecco on tap so you can keep them coming. But don’t worry gentlemen, if the bubbly isn’t for you, they have also created the Manmosa, where they fuse a craft beer with fresh OJ so you too can have a refreshing and boozy beverage to enjoy. If you go for the weekend make sure to go for Pajama Brunch, where you go as you are and enjoy the best brunch items DoH! has to offer. 

DoH! Donuts Mimosa

Their location is bright and perfectly instagrammable. Fitted with plenty of photo ops and cozy nooks to enjoy breakfast, it also has an adorable patio overlooking uptown. If you happen to have your furry friend with you, don’t worry about finding a kennel, because the patio is Pet friendly. 

DoH! Drunken Donuts and Coffee is open Wednesday – Friday from 7am to 1pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 2pm.

DoH! Drunken Donuts and Coffee
6025 N 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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