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Grape News: Valley Journalist Launches Wine Business

After developing a passion for wine upon visiting 32 different wine regions on four continents, Valley travel journalist Dena Roché is popping the cork on a new business. With the launch of Vin Roché, she is sharing her wine wisdom via (virtual, if desired) private tastings, events and consultations.

There isn’t much not to love about wine. After traveling to dozens of wine regions across 11 countries on four continents as a travel journalist, the Valley’s Dena Roché knows that all too well. And lucky for those wanting to learn more and have some fun doing so, she launched Vin Roché, which offers in-person and virtual private tastings and wine dinners, corporate tastings, consulting and more.

“I…was fascinated by how wine, even from the same grape, can taste so different depending on where it’s from and who made it,” says Roché. “I wanted to share my love of wine with people because too often wine is seen as confusing and perhaps pretentious instead of fun and interesting.” Thus, Vin Roché was born.

Dena Roché

During the pandemic, Roché has hosted virtual tastings for clients, giving wine-loving pals a new way to connect and toast to one another at a social distance. “My goal is to make wine approachable, fascinating and fun by sharing information about the wine, where it comes from and simply tasting things and seeing what wows you.” Once clients decide on a tasting theme, they buy the wines, which are delivered straight to their door prior to the tasting. In addition to keeping a safe distance, the virtual-tasting clients get to keep an entire bottle, as opposed to the 1-oz. pours that would greet them at a tasting room. Through Roché works with clients to meet their exact wants and needs for the tasting and options are limitless, she is particularly excited about the Flavors of Fall theme, which compares one white and two reds that pair with seasonal foods.

As at-home entertaining for small parties is on the rise, Roché has recently partnered with popular Valley private chef, Will Turner, to provide personalized, restaurant-quality dining and drinking options for such events. One setting that will never cease in popularity is the bachelorette brunch, in which Chef Turner turns out a first-class feast while Roché hosts a bubbly tasting, comparing three different types of bubbles for the bridal party.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has halted some aspects of Roché’s business (“I’m crossing my fingers and toes that borders open and wine travel becomes possible in the new year,” she says), there is still plenty to celebrate. “If the pandemic has one positive effect, I think it should be to inspire people to live now,” Roché says.  

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