$50 Off Cryotherapy at Cerulean

Cerulean Advance Fitness & Wellness in Scottsdale is offering Fab AZ readers $50 off monthly unlimited Whole Body Cryotherapy or pay only $35 for your first session.

Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy is used to reduce chronic pain and inflammation, improve recovery time from intense workouts and training, relieve tired and sore muscles and boost the immune system.

Over the last few years, Whole Body Cryotherapy has made its way outside the athletic elite and the celebrities’ circle and has been endorsed by many, as a key component to anyone’s lifestyle beyond just athletics.

If you’re an athlete looking to elevate your game or a person struggling with chronic pain or an injury, or just simply someone looking to gain more energy, a clearer mind and shed stress, Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy is an entirely new pathway to total health.

Call to make an appointment 480.362.3622.

Cerulean Advance Fitness & Wellness
9150 E. Del Camino #101
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

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