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Barley & Smoke

Recently opened Barley & Smoke is Arizona’s first open-kitchen-concept speakeasy. Visitors can spend a night sipping and savoring in a sumptuous copper-and-blue dining area that shares walls with Peoria Artisan Brewery. 

Inside the new West Valley speakeasy, guests will find the fine detailed workings of interior designer Nicole Herman of Scottsdale’s Social Design Studio. The hidden space invites guests to transport into a modern revision of Rococo and Regency, with its venetian plastered walls, chevron wood flooring, bold schemes and stylized furnishings.

Barley & Smoke’s dishes complement the design in the same respect of intentional creativity and craft. Each chef-driven dish offers diners an unparalleled experience of haute cuisine–defining well-executed visual artistry and refined flavor profiles. Guests will favor dishes such as the ribeye sided by horseradish potatoes and Tallow & Bread, which is presented in the form of an animal fat candle and sided by dutch oven bread topped with fleur de sel.

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Barley & Smoke prides itself on sourcing local ingredients, as well as using house-made formulas to prepare their recipes. Guests will experience a selection of plates that carry a sample of the yeast from one of Peoria Artisan Brewery’s in-house beers, the Honeysuckle beer. With this method, Chef Michael Mahalick and his kitchen brigade are allowing their patrons to get the best of both worlds: the casual appreciation of the brewery side juxtaposed to the elevated culinary value that is the speakeasy.

In addition to the gourmet approach of its dishes, Barley & Smoke also houses some of the West Valley’s best libations. When designing the space, the Social Design Studio team carefully considered the weight of importance for the bar area. Creating a lounge-like feel, the bar feels like a separate piece to the puzzle that is the entirety of the dining room. While the bar area still complements the rest of the interior space, visitors can feel a sense of the bartop being its own draw, as both frequent and new revelers are able to partake in vivacious conversations with the staff and guests alike. While having enjoyable dialogue, guests can also enjoy a personally crafted cocktail that holds the intent of odd pairings that one wouldn’t typically think of, yet somehow still makes sense. Barley & Smoke’s master mixologists can make you a drink from their selection of 10 cocktails that are inspired by Mexican heritage and terroir. If you’re wanting to lean into the wine world, the menu has an impressive selection of both robust and complex reds, as well as classic whites.

barley and smoke peoria interior

Barley & Smoke is open Wednesday and Thursday, 4 to 9 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, from 4 to 11 p.m. Reservations are made for a two-hour period, and a business-casual dress code is enforced.

For more information, visit

10144 W. Lake Pleasant Pkwy. Ste. 1130
Peoria, AZ 85382

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