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Little Snitch Brunch & Cocktails

Little Snitch Brunch & Cocktails is Chef Sheila Bryson’s latest restaurant in North Scottsdale, joining her other adored Valley concepts like Pescada and ALMA Scottsdale. This brunch spot has quickly captured the hearts of locals with its inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a whimsical floral garden and delightful array of small bites, fresh salads and delectable pastries made daily.

Whether you’re leisurely getting brunch with girlfriends or simply seeking the perfect backdrop for an Instagram-worthy latte, Little Snitch is the perfect addition to your list of must-visit Scottsdale spots. Stepping inside feels like entering a storybook world, with a whimsical ambiance of a garden brought to life. Every corner is adorned with florals and vibrant hues. The air smells of freshly-brewed coffee, and each room is bustling with chatter.

Little Snitch offers a unique dining experience where you’re invited to order at the counter and then choose your preferred spot in the cafe. Options range from cozy tables in a picture-perfect room adorned with vines and vibrant flowers or near the fireplace accented with crown molding. If weather permits, enjoy the fresh air on one of the two charming patios. Little Snitch ensures every spot is the best seat in the house with its warmth and charm.

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The Knife and Fork Egg Sandwich is a stunner with wild greens, creamy mayo, avocado, juicy sweet tomato, crispy applewood-smoked bacon and a perfectly cooked, sunny-side-up egg. Each bite is full of delicious textures and flavors. Pairing the sandwich with a refreshing cocktail is a must, and Little Snitch does not disappoint with its drink selection. Options included mocktails, cocktails and a variety of crafted lattes. Lavender Latte is a fragrant blend of rich espresso and velvety frothed milk, infused with lavender. It is the perfect balance of sweetness and warmth. For those looking to skip the alcohol, the Espresso Martini mocktail is an excellent choice. Resembling its alcoholic counterpart in appearance and taste, it provides a delightful alternative for mothers-to-be or designated drivers.

The menu is full of enticing options for those craving a light lunch as well, like salmon arugula salad. The plate is full of a vibrant medley of arugula, dressed in a zesty combo of lemon and olive oil, and topped with a generous filet of salmon and crunchy pine nuts. Little Snitch’s attention to detail to both food and drink makes for a delicious dining experience.

Little Snitch also offers guests the opportunity to rent out its space for a variety of special events, including bridal showers, baby showers and more. The restaurant is open daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information, visit

8700 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd., Ste. 106
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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  1. Sheri Ramsay

    What a great article written on this Brunch spot – Little Snitch. I cannot wait to get
    together with the girls and try a variety of delectables! The suggestion of the Espresso Martini as a Mocktail will surely be a great must try!
    Thank You Alexis Bennett for your tempting food-bite descriptions. We’ll be booking a table soon.

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