Nutritious Juice and Smoothie Shops in Phoenix

Do you get the right amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet every day? Chances are you don’t–as only one in 10 Americans get the full five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Why is that?

Well for one, Americans are on the go and convenience reigns king when it comes to food choices. So grabbing a burger or noodle bowl for lunch usually trumps chopping up cucumber, tomatoes, and carrots to make a fresh salad. 

But what if eating fruits and vegetables could be as convenient as grabbing a burger? Do you think you’d eat more?

Juices (or smoothies) make eating fresh fruits and vegetables–along with so many other important foods like flaxseeds and protein–the ultimate convenience food. And luckily you can find great juice and smoothie shops all around the Valley. Here are a few favorites.

Kaleidoscope Juice has five Valley locations and is known for providing “high-vibe foods.” Their juice and smoothie names are enticing and fun, including “Metabolic Love” juice and the “Flu Shot” smoothie. You can order a freshly-made cold-pressed juice or simply grab a bottle from their stocked refrigerators. They also have delicious acai bowls and an impressive avocado smash toast.  

Nekter Juice Bar includes up to three pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables in every juice.  Try the “Toxin Flush” with parsley, spinach, apple, lemon, and ginger or “The Buzz” which includes carrot, orange, lemon and ginger to give you extra energy. They also have smoothies, acai bowls and “skoop,” which is there spin on a smooth and decadent frozen treat. It’s made fresh every day with creamy cashew milk and clean, plant-based ingredients and is dairy- and soy-free. 

The Original ChopShop Co. has locations around the Valley that offer delicious vegan, raw and organic meals like protein bowls, salads and wraps. It’s the perfect spot for a quick, healthy bite to eat. They also make fresh juices in-house such as the “Power Green” juice which includes kale, cucumber, celery, apple, ginger and parsley. While you’re there picking up a juice, be sure to grab a meal to go! 

24 Carrots is a mostly vegan cafe located in Tempe. Stop in to try their “Apple Zinger” juice with fresh apple and ginger or their “Blue Pom Bomb” with blueberry, strawberry, apple and pomegranate. They have a super friendly staff to help you navigate the menu and unique seasonal offerings too. 

Gillean, MS, RDN is a registered dietitian and the owner of Millennial Nutrition, LLC where she makes eating healthy simple and convenient for millennial women. 

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