Restaurant of the Week: Belle’s Nashville Kitchen

Belle’s Nashville Kitchen—Old Town Scottsdale’s newest source of classic, Southern charm—is a honkey tonk-themed bar and restaurant that boasts Nashville-inspired fare and other traditional staples in a cozy, hazel-drenched space.

Old Town Scottsdale has long been famed for its old time, cowboy-driven magnetism. And with the latest addition of Belle’s Nashville Kitchen, the eccentric town has slated itself as a bonafide culture hub in both Arizona and the greater Southwest.

The concept comes from founder Mike Haley and Chef Samantha Roberts—Roberts has worked to develop most of the menus for Riot Hospitality Group, which encompasses everything from Riot House to Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, and other Valley staples. In 2017, she even won the Foodist award for Best Chef.

And her talents—along with those of the on-hand staff at Belle’s—is immediately apparent within even a few bites of the restaurant’s food.


The menu oozes classic Nashville charm, with popular items like the hot chicken sandwich, spicy barbecue sauce-baked salmon with pineapple salsa and almond rice (yes, that’s really as good as it sounds), a three-cheese mac and cheese sandwich, and a number of other appetizing creations.

The restaurant prides itself on replicating the character of Music City. The same intentionality that defines the authentic, Southern-inspired food at Belle’s is similarly translated into the general design and ambience of the space—think daytime-to-nighttime bar in the heart of Downtown Nashville.

Old time and new age country are seamlessly blended into an atmosphere that’s infused with live, upbeat music, rustic glamour and a handful of other Honky Tonk Highway-inspired elements.

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