Restaurant of the Week: Flower Child

The newest addition to the Fox Restaurant Concepts family is Flower Child, a healthy, fast-casual dining restaurant located on 44th Street and Camelback in Phoenix.

flower child food

Flower Child claims to be a “food revolution” serving “happy food for a healthy world.” Healthy options that are quick, easy and accessible continues to become an increasing need and want as everyone becomes more health conscious and lives get even more busy. Flower Child seems to fulfill this growing need with a quick service setup and menu options that are geared toward gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and organic lifestyles.

As part of this “food revolution,” Flower Child promises to serve proteins that are naturally raised, without additives, organic produce, locally sourced ingredients when possible, and a fresh and quick experience.

flower child wrap

Menu items include a variety of salads, whole grain wraps, protein plates, hot pots and bowls and a few appetizers and desserts. Some of our favorites were:

  • Avocado hummus with sweet corn, radish, clementine and pumpkin seed
  • Warm roasted mushroom salad
  • Gluten-free mac and cheese
  • Kale and apple slaw
  • Madras curry chicken with organic potato, heirloom carrots, garam masala and coconut

The gluten-free cookies are quite tasty as well.

Flower Child does not serve any soda – only natural drinks like fresh lemonade, juice and teas. GT’S Trilogy Kombucha, Napa Smith Organic IPA and red or white wine are also on tap.

flower child interior

The atmosphere at Flower Child matches the food, which an organic, open feel and a fair amount of patio seating.

For more information and the complete menu, visit

Check out a VIDEO REVIEW of Flower Child from our friends at Flower Child.

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