Restaurant of the Week: Grubstak

Grubstak is Gilbert’s new fast-casual restaurant that offers a flavorful blend of indulgent and healthy “stak-able” dishes to suit a multitude of dining palates.

A social-media darling among the rapidly expanding Downtown Gilbert dining district, Grubstack is gaining lots of local love for their unique twist on some familiar flavors.

The concept is simple. The meal begins with a base option – waffle fries, sweet potato fries, 50/50 fries combo, roasted root vegetables, or romaine lettuce spears – followed with toppings of your choosing from an expansive list of meats, cheeses, sauces, and more. If you are like me, however, and wouldn’t know where to begin when presented with such a multitude of options, they have you covered with several tried and true selections carefully crafted for any taste.


After several minutes of deliberation, because the dishes all truly sounded amazing, I went with the Fun Guy because the portobello mushrooms were just calling my name. But, the very friendly and helpful ladies at the counter told me some fan favorites also include the Gold Rush, if you are looking for something more rich in flavor, or the Rancher if you enjoy a more southwestern flavor. Then, there is also the Grubatouille which is their very popular vegetarian dish.

My friend, who was dining with me opted for one of their salads, instead of a Signature Stak, and went with the Chicken Caesar. Now, typically I wouldn’t pay much attention to such a standard dish, but honestly, the chicken alone had us swooning for a good portion of lunch. So, it gets rave reviews as well.


We finished our lunch with the Give Me S’more Sweet Stak and, as we had come to expect from our dining experience thus far, it was superb. The graham cracker bread pudding perfectly complemented the marshmallow fudge sauce and brûlée’d marshmallow.

The owners and chefs definitely took some time when creating the menu items from Grubstak, and it shows in their creative combination of flavors that are both familiar yet innovative.

Grubstak is open Monday – Saturday 11am – 9pm and Sunday, 11am – 8pm. For more information visit

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