Restaurant of the Week: Ofrenda

Cave Creek’s newest restaurant gem, Ofrenda, offers guests a refreshing take on the traditional, Latin-inspired dining experience.

Michael Stone, owner of Taco Guild, and Carlos Marquez launched the new concept in the location previously leased by Marquez’s Indigo Crow. SVC Restaurant Group acted as the developer for the project, and the collaboration has already proven to inspire an exciting reengagement in the town’s foodie scene.


The name for Ofrenda comes from tradition rooted in Aztecan culture dating back nearly 3,000 years ago, when families created altars to honor the eternal souls of loved ones. In Spanish, the word quite literally means “offering.” And through the restaurant’s extensive menu, the concept is far from lacking in unique offerings.


The Ofrenda menu features dishes from various regions of Mexico and South America—and guests can expect a world of flavors curated especially through the location’s wood-fired oven and authentic preparation techniques. 

Some of the standout menu items include artisan tacos, empanadas and the fresh summer squash salad—which is complemented by fresh squash, pepitas and citrus dressing, among other ingredients. Signature dishes like the Tomahawk bone-in ribeye—accented by cumin honey-roasted carrots, frite street fries and charred onion butter—add an exquisite and incomparable uniqueness to the menu, as well.

The vibrant flavors of Ofrenda’s menu offerings are accelerated by the restaurant’s ambience and decor—made up of evoking color schemes, traditional artwork matched with marigolds and burning candles, and a number of other details that pay homage to the intricate beauty of the famed Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos.


Intentionality is a common theme of Ofrenda—from the food to the handcrafted tableware. And the concept is sure to help empower Cave Creek’s evolving restaurant scene.

For more information or to make reservations, visit www.theofrenda.com

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