Restaurant of the Week: Recreo

Have you even been hanging out in Downtown Chandler and thought, “I would love to drink a cocktail from an oversized seashell, sit on a swing instead of a barstool and enjoy some live music from a shipping container-turned-stage right about now?” Well, if so, you are in luck with the opening of super-cool, playground-themed Recreo.

Recreo opened its doors in Downtown Chandler in early February and is already wooing diners who want to have a good time (and plenty of Instragrammable moments) alongside their eats. Before you even have the chance to glimpse at the menu, there is quite a bit to feast your eyes on. First, there’s handsome interior with an expansive indoor/outdoor bar and bold green booths. But the real showstopper is the “backyard,” brimming with lawn games, cushy seating, gorgeous murals, a bus art installation, a bar swing set, an edible garden and, get this, a suspended stage (to host live music) that was crafted out of a shipping container. If that sounds like a lot that is because it is–and it is all so much fun to take in. PS: Recreo is kid-friendly, too.


While a place with so many social media-made moments can get by with only a mediocre menu, Recreo is brimming with delicious dishes, from hearty starters, salads (the crispy chicken salad is a standout) and handhelds to dinner-y entrees (we hear the scallops are incredible) and a duo of desserts. Recreo’s signature menu item is its charcuterie boards (The Patio Board and The Garden Board). The Patio Board–which could easily feed four to six people–comes chock-full of nibbles, like olive bread, creamy feta with marinated olives, chicken sausage, house-made pickles, roasted root veggies, crunchy poblanos, shishito peppers, fried artichokes and more.

The eatery’s playful vibe extends to its drink menu where you’ll find the likes of the refreshing, watermelon-forward Hot Pink (which is served in a large seashell!) and The Yolo Whip, a frozen drink with miso-rubbed charred pineapple, Spring44 Honey Vodka, iichiko Saiten barley shochu, Damiana flower liqueur and Heirloom Pineapple Amaro, among many other picture-perfect sips.

The Patio Board

For more information about Recreo, visit

28 S. San Marcos Pl.
Chandler, AZ 85225

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