Sapporo Scottsdale Refreshes Menu

Sapporo, Scottsdale’s Pacific Restaurant in North Scottsdale recently refreshed its menu for dinner, Teppanyaki and sushi. With a combination of old favorites and new dishes, Sapporo continues sourcing the freshest ingredients for flavorful creations. With Dim Sum small plates and Izakaya shareable entrees, the new menu comes redesigned for a more social dining experience.

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Chef Stephen Stromberg wanted to cater the new menu to provide patrons the opportunity to try more items and make sharing easier, a more social dining experience.

Some favorites from the menu included teriyaki chicken skewers, mussels, and shrimp ceviche with wonton chips. Some old favorites from the menu included Kakuni-braised pork belly and Sea Bass now offered as smaller portions to accommodate sharing.

A sampling of the sushi rolls included the Friends with Benefit Roll, Toratora Roll, and the Blue Fin special. The chef’s are also very accommodating in recommending new rolls or altering rolls for food allergies.

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With the weather warming up, salads are always a nice go to for meal options. The salads included Steak Salad with avocado, Asian greens and heirloom tomatoes, and the Chopped Salad with crispy chickpeas and dragon fruit. Both salads are refreshing options for summer.

With culinary options for everyone and smaller plates for sharing, Sapporo offers a prime dining location for quick happy hours, or for family and friends wanting to share and try a variety of new items. Stop by and check out the new menu today.

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Sapporo Scottsdale
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