Restaurant of the Week: The Wing Counter

The Wing Counter, located in Glendale, serves up jumbo, crispy, and supremely spiced chicken wings with 14 signature sauces and dry rubs.

With a menu that focuses solely on chicken wings, we had high expectations for the wings at The Wing Counter – and we were not disappointed!

We tried only about half of the 14 different flavors offered, and they were all delicious. Our favorite flavor was the TWC Style Dry Rub, hands down. We couldn’t believe a dry chicken wing could pack so much flavor! The Original Buffalo Style and Sriracha Honey topped our favorites list as well.


We also loved the seasoned french fries and sweet potato fries. The coleslaw was light and crunchy, so that is a great option if you are wanting something a little lighter, but still lots of flavor for a side.

A fun beverage option The Wing Counter offers is several flavors of Kool-Aid! Choose from Fruit Punch, Grape and Blue Raspberry. You can also turn this into a cocktail, which they call the TWC Punch.


Make sure to save room for dessert, the Southern Style Beignets are a must-try. We recommend adding the caramel.

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  1. Best wings in Phx! Glad you featured them…

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