Trophy Room Opens in Downtown Phoenix

In the age when our phones eat first when dining, a new concept hidden inside of Wren & Wolf, Trophy Room, aims to disrupt the screen-driven social norm by providing a unique unplugged cocktail experience where phones and cameras are not allowed inside.

Trophy Room is a speakeasy-style concept hidden inside Pretty Decent Concept’s Wren & Wolf, a predator-meets-prey, hunting-inspired dining concept newly opened in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. Trophy Room is the second destination created by the hospitality group following the great success of Wren & Wolf and will pay homage to its sister establishment by creating a new atmosphere that begs the question, “What if the animals won?” 

The new, visually captivating drinking destination features an intimate cocktail space that can hold up to 30 people per each 90-minute seating. The sleek space is home to lavish interiors, designed by Peter Bowden, featuring striking art pieces crafted using 7,000 bullets and 120 rifles to pair with Wren & Wolf’s animal kingdom theme. The hallway leading to the lounge is the only place to get your phone photo fix before your device is locked away in a vintage card catalog. 

Though not much has been shared about the rare cocktail program, we do know the menu was curated by the direction of Two Hands Phoenix co-owners Libby Lingua and Mitch Lyons, who helped Wren & Wolf secure a Foodist nomination for the Best Cocktail Program in 2021. The duo crafted a menu that is said to be bold, rare and so visually stimulating that you won’t need a picture to remember them. 

Trophy Room does not serve food and encourages its visitors to dine at Wren & Wolf before visiting the cocktail bar. The experience is 21-plus only and open Sunday to Thursday, 5 to 9:30 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 5 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

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