What’s New at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa’s elements

Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa’s elements restaurant is a longtime Valley favorite for special-occasion dining, while its jade bar is one of the area’s sexiest spots for sipping. Recently, Chef de Cuisine Samantha Sanz and Bar Chef Christiaan Röllich joined Executive Chef Beau MacMillan to create a next-level dining experience for guests–and we were excited to dig in.

The all-star trio recently rolled out elements’ winter menu, featuring some of the restaurant’s adored favorites, like oysters Rockefeller, miso-glazed salmon and the addicting Brussels sprouts side, paired with crispy pork belly and kimchi sauce, alongside can’t-miss winter additions. The double bone Duroc pork chop, sided with colorful accoutrements like purple yams, charred broccolini, pickled red peppers and a tempting coriander-honey glaze, is a mouthwatering and comforting new entrée while seafoodies will adore the Maine lobster and truffle risotto, rounded out with mushrooms and crisp asparagus.

A trip to elements isn’t complete without toasting with the innovative cocktails from jade bar. The One-Armed Bandit, with tequila, lime, cinnamon and pineapple, and Kingbird, featuring bourbon, maple and house-made bitters, both beg to be enjoyed fireside.

Double Bone Duroc Pork Chop

Chef Sanz, who became a standout chef during her time at Talavera in Scottsdale, discusses her goals for elements in 2021 as well as what it’s like working alongside the legendary Chef BeauMac once again.

Tell us about this amazing culinary trifecta of you, Chef MacMillan and Chef Röllich. How do the three chefs work together?

It’s a pleasure to be working with Chef Beau and Bar Chef Christiaan. We’re all on a journey to create a cutting-edge and innovative food and beverage program. The thing about us three is that we’re all passionate about hospitality. We want to create memories for our guests by providing unforgettable dishes and cocktails to keep them coming back time and again.

What is it like working with Chef Beau? 

Chef Beau was my first mentor, and I’m no stranger to the elements kitchen. I worked with Chef Beau as a pantry cook when I graduated from culinary school. It’s so special to see how things have come full circle. Chef Beau always believed in me and pushed me to be better, and I’m grateful he believed in me a second time! He’s very fun to work with, but he means business when he’s in the kitchen. We’re both very excited about the future of elements and are working on new menus and exciting summer projects.

Chef de Cuisine Samantha Sanz

What can diners expect at elements this spring?

I’m currently sourcing some of the best product out there. We want the freshest and most seasonal produce from our local farmers and the highest quality proteins. It’s a priority to make everything fresh, from scratch, daily. Our spring menu will be bright, colorful and inspired. The dishes will look beautiful and taste even better.

Is there a dish you consider a “must” for diners to try?

Every dish is inspired and special, but my personal favorites include the wagyu beef dumplings, mussels, tuna crudo, sea bass and the pork chop. Another must-try is the amazing jade bar burger.

What are your goals for elements in 2021?

I am working on building a culinary team that shines in every aspect of the Sanctuary experience, from the room amenities, to the snacks served at the bar. Chef Beau, Christiaan and I want to deliver a memorable food and beverage program, from head to toe.

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