Girls Mentorship Philanthropy Program

Girls Mentorship Empowers Next Generation of Arizona Girls

The future is bright for Arizona’s up-and-coming generation of teens and young girls—at least if Girls Mentorship has anything to do with it.

The local program is the brainchild of Mary Frances and Jill Petersen—the founding duo who was inspired to start Girls Mentorship under the belief that they were developing the exact program they had needed (or at least, could have benefited from) in their teen years.

Fast forward to today, and Girls Mentorship has evolved into one of the Valley’s premier programs for young women—fitted with educational tools and sessions that aim to help adolescent girls navigate their youth, relationships, struggles with self-confidence, social media and so much more, all through the curation of thoughtfully developed programs that place a particular focus on helping girls to become more confident, sharpen their practical skills and exist as their best selves in the greater world.

The program operates year-round, so any Arizona girl can find support in her community—regardless of the season of life that she’s in.

But through the summer months in particular, Valley girls can benefit from the work of Girls Mentorship in an even more meaningful way—with the program hosting affordable summer workshops that start at $99 per session and address the topics of personal and social growth for girls starting as young as age 10.

In today’s world, ridden with social media and a whole new variety of beauty standards, the challenges of young girls are more heightened than ever before. But with the help of Girls Mentorship, adolescence can, in fact, be a positive experience for growing pre-teens and teens—so long as they have the right resources and community at their disposal, of course.

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