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facial spa

Fall-Inspired Spa Treatments

Pumpkin and apple cider sure taste delicious, but they are also packed with goodness that aid your skin. Here are six fall-inspired spa treatments in Phoenix that will not only pamper but also put you in a blissed-out seasonal state of mind.

dustin trout

Fabulous People: Dustin Trout

Dustin Trout is the founder and chief strategy officer of EIC Agency, a Phoenix-based digital marketing agency. “We help brands solve two things: 1) Reduce customer acquisition cost and 2) Increase the lifetime value of a customer.”


Nonprofit of the Month: notMYkid

Today, notMYkid aims to inspire youth to grow, thrive and reach their full potential via a full continuum of mental and behavioral health and wellness programs. Here, Shane Watson, public information officer, discusses how the pandemic has affected notMYkid, its new The Well campus and how readers can support its noble mission.

Derek Jackson

Fabulous People: Derek Jackson

Derek Jackson, an ex-military intelligence officer, is the co-founder and CTO of Cyber Dive, a progressive technology company that provides parents with tools to monitor their children online. Most recently, the Phoenix company introduced Aqua One, the first fully functional smartphone for kids integrated with unlimited parental monitoring functionality.