Tag: Fabulous People

Fabulous People: David Ngo

Dr. David Ngo provides general and cosmetic dentistry services at S&L Dental in Scottsdale, but Dr. Ngo is not your typical dentist. His office uses the latest technology and he takes the time to thoroughly explain your dental health to you, providing some of the best customer service we have ever seen.


Fabulous People: David James

David James is the owner and manager at Create and Construct Scottsdale, is sharing with us the most important things to consider when building or remodeling your kitchen.. After falling in love with Scottsdale, David made the move from Switzerland to Arizona to open Create and Construct Scottsdale.


Fabulous People: Sasha Bayat

Sasha Bayat is a co-founder and operating owner of The Bodhi as well as a nutritionist. Sasha saw a need for healthy and affordable food, which resulted in her opening The Bodhi in Tempe, a place where she can serve food with purpose and educate others on how food can be medicine.


Fabulous People: Amy Moreno

Amy Moreno is a travel expert who recently launched Galcations, a women’s travel “club.” Amy had an entrepreneurial spirit as a young girl and finally took the leap from the corporate world to starting her own business.