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Restaurant of the Week: Indigo Crow

As soon as you enter the city limits of Cave Creek, it is almost as if you can taste it in the air. You can certainly feel it when talking to the inhabitants, and you can experience it, first-hand at the delightful little restaurant that is Indigo Crow.


Restaurant of the Week: Barrio Queen

With a unique, lively atmosphere and array of reasonably priced-yet-delicious food and tasty drinks, Barrio Queen is easily one of the best Mexican restaurants in town (top 3 in my opinion), and one I have no trouble recommending again and again.


Restaurant of the Week: Chula Seafood

Supplying many of the Valley’s most acclaimed restaurants — trendy places like Virtu and Citizen Public House — for years now, Chula Seafood has built their sterling reputation amongst restauranteurs as the finest purveyor of seafood in town.