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Banana Split at The Screamery

National Banana Split Day at The Screamery

Calling all banana split fans! In honor of “National Banana Split Day” on Wednesday, August 25, The Screamery ice cream parlors in Phoenix and Chandler will offer $1 off their amazing banana splits. The banana splits feature three scoops of all-natural ice cream, fresh bananas, and topped with your choice […]


Celebrate National Ice Cream Day at The Screamery

The Screamery ice cream parlors in Phoenix, Chandler and Tucson will celebrate “National Ice Cream Day” on Sunday, July 18, by offering $2 kid-size cones and special $5 ice cream sundaes. The Screamery ice cream is handcrafted in Tucson using premium milk and cream and all-natural ingredients. There are 24 […]