Best Wedding Photo Poses

Wedding photos are one the most important pieces of your wedding day, so it is no mystery why many brides stress over having perfect pictures of their special day. They are forever memories captured in a still moment that you will cherish for a lifetime. Here we have a list of our top five favorite wedding poses from a top local photographer, Erica Velasco.


1. Put your arms behind your girls and take a walk =) Showcases a great dress with an amazing back detail, shows off the bridesmaids flowers. Shows fun between bridesmaids.


2. Hold hands and walk together toward the camera. Look at each other. Make your own happily ever after.


3. Hold hand and walk away. Preferably under a pretty tree.


4. Stand facing each other and hold hands. Stand close and stare into each other’s eyes. And then let the magic happen.


5. The bride and Groom’s first look. The “First Look” is becoming the standard at weddings. Traditionally, couples would see each other for the first time at the ceremony, walking down the aisle. This is a dated tradition dating back to…forever ago. The reason this tradition came about was because back in the day arranged marriages were the standard. So in order to prevent the bride or the groom from darting, they would make them wait until the ceremony to see each other, often times for the first time ever. So as you can see, not a very romantic tradition. So now a days, photographers create a “first look” moment that happens before the ceremony, where the bride and groom can see each other for the first time in private. It’s about the only time all day they have alone together. And it allows them to really have a sweet and private moment together. So this image is taken from a first look.

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