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Wedding photos are something that you’ll cherish forever and it’s no secret that every bride wants to look her absolute best. If you are trying to slim down and get rid of some stubborn areas of fat for your wedding day, HYPOXI may be just what you need.

HYPOXI combines low-impact exercise, patented technology and nutrition coaching to help you burn stubborn fat and reduce cellulite in targeted areas – naturally. The owner of Fabulous Arizona has personally seen the impact and results of the HYPOXI program, but we were curious to see if anyone had used HYPOXI to reach their wedding day goals. HYPOXI client Kristin, who is getting married in April 2017, shared her story with us of how she lost 15 inches with 24 sessions of HYPOXI. She calls finding HYPOXI a blessing and the loss in inches has given her the confidence and motivation to live healthier overall.

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Here is what Kristin has to say about her journey:

“Planning a wedding is stressful, the pressure to look as perfect as you can for a wedding is stressful. HYPOXI has been my saving grace to help me not only get my body physically ready for this wedding, but it has also been a tremendous help in keeping me cool, calm, and collected while handling the wedding planning. It’s hard to get quiet time when you work full time, and have a million obligations. To me HYPOXI is like working out in a Spa because of its all natural relaxing nature. HYPOXI gives you all the tools and support you need to really make a difference, it is the most rewarding feeling to go in and get measured and see the inches drop. For me, I have had an issue with my knee for the last few years, and was unable to exercise the way I used to. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get in shape as I had envisioned for my wedding and then the stars aligned and I was introduced to HYPOXI. The low impact exercise combined with dermology is nothing short of a blessing. To see results so quickly has kept me happy, healthy, and motivated. I hope any bride getting ready for their wedding gets to experience HYPOXI, it is truly the best gift you could give to yourself. One of the biggest highlights are the amazing coaches who guide you through this journey. They are always there to answer any questions, guide you on your diet, and offer suggestions on how to maximize your results even on your off days.Through this experience I have felt so much love and support, it has been amazing!”

Total sessions completed – 24
Total inches lost – As of session 19 (15 inches lost)
Total weeks in program – 7 weeks

For more information about HYPOXI and find the closest studio to you, visit hypoxibody.com.



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