Spring Bridal Trends

Spring has arrived and so has wedding season! So we turned to personal stylist Rochelle York to share some the hottest Spring Bridal Trends with us…

Ivory lace, matte gold and blush tones of floral everywhere in sight; spring is officially in the air and I’m in love. Styling bridal parties during this time of year comes easy; especially this year because everything on this list fits every bride in every way, shape and form.

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“Blush,” is making a comeback in 2017 and it will likely be around for quite sometime. Brides everywhere are choosing this color as their go-to, this spring. It is simple yet elegant, goes with every skin tone and it’s the “IT” color for spring.

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses


Do you remember the days where bridesmaid dresses were the same color and style for your entire wedding party? That included your sister that is 5 foot 7 and pear shape and your best friend that is barley 5 foot and is as petite as they come. Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are here to save the day! So now everyone in your bridal party can enjoy a pop of their personality in their dress; in a shade that works with their skin tone.

Ivory and Lace Wedding Dresses


Shopping for your wedding dress might be one of the hardest decisions you ever have to make during your planning journey, but choosing your dress color and fabric should be an easy decision this year because brides everywhere are flocking to ivory and lace (with a hint of color). Ivory pairs perfectly with just about any color you choose this spring. Fabric is also important because not only do you want to look beautiful, you want to feel comfortable while you dance the night away with your groom and lace fabric is airy and let’s you do just that without restriction.



No wedding dress is complete without accessories. I always tell my brides that a dress without jewelry is like a fridge without food, it just doesn’t make any sense. Even the most-simple bride should try to find something small even if it is a pair of diamond studs or a faint gold necklace. You never want to overpower your dress with your accents but you do want them to compliment your overall look. Kendra Scott has a beautiful wedding line that will fit every brides taste (even if you want a pop of color). But remember that accessories are not just jewelry this can also be headpieces, veils, hair jewels and shoes.



One item most brides don’t even think of until it’s too late; is their painful feet. I always remind my clients to wear their wedding heels around the house for a week to break them in so they don’t have any difficulty doing the “Cupid Shuffle,” on the dance floor. There are a few who forget but that is ok because of PreHeels. This product helps prevent any irritation, rubbing or blisters on your feet, all you have to do is spray one coat directly to your foot and “POOF,” your feet are guarded for the night!

So there you have it 5 spring bridal favorites this year that will hopefully help brides across Arizona feel at ease about choosing their wedding essentials.

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