5 Fall Skincare Tips

Arizona fall and winter are the reasons most of us live here. But our mild, very dry air isn’t ideal for your skin. Arizona-based Derivations Skincare, a line that took the best global beauty secrets and married it with science, offers skin products designed for all ethnicities that works in our desert climate. Derivations Skincare founder Tanaha Hairston gives us the top 5 tips for soft, smooth skin for the season.


1. Use ingredients that are less harsh on your skin. Derivations products are natural, using many plant and oil based derivatives. These oils are high in essential fatty acids as well as full of vitamins and antioxidants that protect the skin.

2. Drink a lot of water even in the fall/wintertime. When the temperature plummets humidity decreases as well, which robs our skin of moisture.

3. Use sunscreen! The sun can damage and age your skin even in the fall and winter. Derivations Broad Spectrum SPF 30, is a chemical-free sunscreen that will protect you naturally.

4. Use a good moisturizer applied immediately after a shower that infuses antioxidants directly into the skin. Derivations moisturizers are crème based vs. lotion based, with seven luxuriant oils interlaced in the crème to hydrate.

5. Keep showers short. While it’s nice to relax in a long, hot shower, the hot water can rob skin of its natural moisture.

About Derivations Skincare
Arizona based Derivations Skincare is the first beauty company to draw from the best global beauty practices to create a skincare line that uses the best of science, nature and ancient practices. The result is a streamlined line of cleansers, moisturizers, toners and serums that target the top skin concerns of women of all ethnicities. www.derivationsskincare.com

Tanaha Hairston

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