Fabulous People

Fabulous People: Trent Hancock

From his time at military school to his 10-year career as a touring musician, it is safe to say Trent Hancock’s ability to wear many hats prepared him to be the VP of marketing at Scottsdale-based Camelot Homes. Learn about Trent Hancock…

laurie guidi

Fabulous People: Laurie Guidi

Gilbert’s Laurie Guidi is the co-owner of Scottsdale Quarter-based candle-making company, Candle Chemistry, alongside her twin brother, husband and sister-in-law. (Sage & Saguaro and Cactus Flower are our favorite scents from Candle Chemistry’s Our Desert collection!)

Paul Sarmiento

Fabulous People: Dr. Paul Sarmiento

Dr. Paul Sarmiento’s resume is impressive, to say the least: physician, double board-certified in Family and Obesity Medicine, founder of Flywheel Weight Loss and Wellness and co-founder of The Food Doctors Healthy Meal Prep and Delivery Service. Here, Dr. Sarmiento reveals his local inspiration behind The Food Doctors and which famous brain he got to hold (seriously!)

bree pear

Fabulous People: Bree Pear

Bree Pear is the founder and creative behind Only Human, which is “a community of good humans doing good things for good causes.” In 2016, Pear founded Only Human, which releases a new line of apparel each month benefiting a nonprofit partner.

Fabulous People: Aaron Warby

Aaron Warby is the owner of Online Trading Academy, the leading provider of financial education with three Valley locations. As a small business owner, a marine and a father of five, Warby discusses getting past the naysayers and the importance of a strong work ethic.

stephanie hughes

Fabulous People: Stephanie Maderazzo-Hughes

Arizona native Stephanie Maderazzo-Hughes is the co-CEO and COO of Canyon State Electric, a family business that was started by her father in the ’70s and the leading provider of commercial electric contracting services throughout Phoenix and California. Learn more about Maderazzo-Hughes…

Joe Reynolds Skyline Productions

Fabulous People: Joe Reynolds

As the owner and creative director of Phoenix’s Skyline Productions, Joe Reynolds’ career has taken him around the globe. He even says that he could write a book on all the adventures he has had with his longtime high-def video production company, which opened in 1991.