S&L Trends’ Summer Hair Tips

Is your hair suffering from the dry Arizona heat? Here are S&L Trends‘ top 3 summer products and how to use them to help keep your locks protected, healthy and moisturized throughout the summer. 

Palm Springs

One of the questions we always get asked is, “how do I get shiny hair?” The answer is in this bottle. Palm Springs is a treatment you can do once a week for a hair recharge to strengthen and add shine.

One of our favorite ways to use the Palm Springs Treatment Mask is to add it to dry hair, then braid or bun it up before hitting the pool.

A common issue many people face during the summer is too much chlorine exposure that dries out their hair or can add discoloration (blondes, you know what we’re talking about). Having this in your hair before swimming will act as a barrier between your hair and the harsh pool water. Plus it is the perfect way to multitask while having a pool day with your girls. Just don’t forget to shampoo it out afterwards. 

Acid Wash 

If you haven’t already introduced a cleansing wash into your shower routine, what are you doing? Just kidding. It isn’t a very common step in most people’s routine, but it should be. Especially during our Arizona summers. We know many people can relate – you go through dry shampoo like water in the summer or have to wash your hair more often due to sweat and summer activities such as swimming. Wether you’re an everyday shampooer or use an excessive amount of dry shampoo, both can be harmful to your hair due to product buildup on the scalp or stripping the moisture from your hair strands. 

Acid Wash is perfect to help solve both of these problems. Acid Wash by R+CO can be used in replace of your current shampoo to help cleanse the scalp from any product build up without stripping your hair of color or its natural oils. It also has the perfect nozzle tip applicator to really get past your hair strands and onto your scalp. Your hair strands cannot thrive without having healthy scalp care.  This Cleansing Wash will be your new favorite step of your shower routine after feeling how refreshed your scalp and hair feels.

High Dive 

Now that we have touched on how to protect your hair during and after the pool, let’s talk about your hair’s new best friend – High Dive by R+Co. Did you know that one of the main reasons for hair breakage is lack of moisture? When your hair becomes too dry it can break off. Living in Arizona, we have to be very aware of this because even if you are not heat styling your hair, outside element effects from our dry weather conditions can cause breakage.  High Dive is a moisture and shine treatment that is formulated to smooth and seal the hair. 

After you have hit the pool and rinsed off your locks with Acid Wash, you can use a dime size of High Dive on towel dried locks. It is perfect for when you air dry your hair, it leaves your hair effortlessly soft! High Dive also has heat protection for when you want to style you hair with hot tools.

If you are interested in ordering any of these products they can be found by going to or if you are an Arizona local, you can purchase them in person from Lauren in Scottsdale or Samantha in Chandler at the S&L Studios. Check out S&L Trends on Instagram for a chance to win a bottle of High Dive!

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