Featured Comedian Q&A: Elayne Boosler

Comedienne Elayne Boosler is performing March 16-17 at Stand Up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club. Check out Fab AZ’s exclusive interview with Elayne Boosler:


Q: Where are you from?
A: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Q: How long have you been doing comedy?
A: 150 years.

Q: How was your first gig? Was it immediately gratifying, or did you bomb at first?
A: My first gig was the White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner for George Washington. Since bombs hadn’t yet been invented, I knew I would have a good show.

Q: What can comedy goers expect from you at Stand-Up, Scottsdale! this weekend?
A: A sweeping panorama of emotional turmoil, breathtaking vistas and an en suite bath. Also, some lovely chicken recipes.

Q: What is the source of inspiration for your comedy?
A: I want to see justice done in the world! Plus, I have two mortgages and three leased cars.

Q: How do you keep yourself busy while on tour/traveling/performing?
A: I seek out the town’s best drug dealers. I don’t do drugs, it just fills up the days trying to find the guy.

Q: What has been your memorable comedy milestones so far?
A: Performing for the President and congress twice, performing for the Queen of England, playing the British Palladium, working in France, having Andy Kaufman as my mentor and best friend.

Q: If you could receive a sext from one politician, one athlete, and one movie star, who would they be?
A: Why assume this is hypothetical? Sarah Palin, that guy with the fishing show on cable and Johnny Depp.

Q: If you could buy one thing for everybody in the country, what would it be?
A: Patience.

Q: What’s an interesting fact that people wouldn’t know about you?
A: I founded and run a nationwide non-profit animal rescue and advocacy organization called Tails of Joy (www.tailsofjoy.net). Also, there’s a hole in my sock.

Q: Where can people find more information about you? Anything coming up we should know about?
A: It’s all at www.elayneboosler.com. For rescue help and info please visit www.tailsofjoy.net. Also join me for daily laughter at www.facebook.com/elaynebooslercomedypage and on twitter at @elayneboosler. My new book, “Big Fun,” will be out later this year.

See Elayne Boosler at Stand Up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club March 16 and 17.

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