Featured Comedian Q&A: Jimmy Shubert

Comedian Jimmy Shubert is performing March 1-3 at The Comedy Spot Comedy Club in Old Town Scottsdale. Check out Fab AZ’s exclusive interview with Jimmy Shubert:

jimmy-shubertQ: When did you know you wanted to do comedy for a living?
A: When I was 9 and I started doing Magic because I was too young to go to comedy clubs. By the time I was 15 I was an accomplished professional magician and when I was 18 I retired the rabbit and hung up the wand. I was just looking to do open mic nights around the Philadelphia area and two years later I moved to Los Angeles and started working at the world famous comedy store as a doorman and doing stand up whenever I could.

Q: What was your first gig? Did you bomb, or were you a hit?
A: I would up touring with the late Sam Kinison for about 5 years and we would do 70 city tours and 30 city tours in secondary markets, but for the most part I did very well. But you can have a bad show here and there.

Q: Who were your comedic idols?
A: George Carlin, Charlie Chaplan, Jackie Gleason

Q: What inspires your standup material?
A: Real life. I work in a comedic short story form so I get to really go after subject matter. It’s not like one joke and then done. I attack the subject matter. My stand up is a high energy carnival of humor.

Q: Where can we find more info about you?
Facebook: Jimmy Shubert Fan Page
Twitter: @jimmyshubert

See Jimmy Shubert at The Comedy Spot Comedy Club March 1-3.

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