Featured Comedian Q&A: Ty Barnett

Comedian Ty Barnett is performing February 17-18 at Stand Up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club. Check out Fab AZ’s exclusive interview with Ty Barnett:


Q: Where are you from?
A: Chicago, Illinois

Q: How long have you been doing comedy?
A: I have been doing standup for 15 years now.

Q: How was your first gig? Was it immediately gratifying, or did you bomb at first?
A: My first gig was at the Seattle Comedy Underground. It was nerve racking, but I was proud that I at least got on stage. I didn’t bomb though.

Q: What can comedy goers expect from you at Stand-Up, Scottsdale! this weekend?
A: Scottsdale can expect a GREAT show!! A performance that everyone can get into and enjoy.

Q: What is the source of inspiration for your comedy?
A: I’m inspired to perform by the greats, like Pryor, Cosby, Chris Rock, and Chappelle. I personally love being on the stage and making people laugh. I’m inspired by an audience enjoying my show – bringing them together to acknowledge and appreciate the differences in each other.

Q: How do you keep yourself busy while on tour/traveling/performing?
A: When I’m on the road I take photos, go to the gym, sightsee, and as crazy as it sounds, I hike.

Q: What are the last three songs you remember listening to on your iPod?
A: The Roots “Doin it again” and “The Fire” and Common “the Game”.

Q: If you could buy one thing for everybody in the country, what would it be?
A: An IPOD. Music makes you feel better about life sometimes.

Q: If you could receive a sext from one politician, one athlete, and one movie star, who would they be?
A: Halle Berry, Beverly D’Angelo (“Vacation” movies) and Condolezza Rice…..the face may not be the best, but maybe she has a decent body?

Q: What’s an interesting fact that people wouldn’t know about you?
A: I just started playing guitar.

Q: Where can people find more information about you? Anything coming up we should know about?
I am currently writing 2 sitcoms, filming a new special, and a documentary about Standup Comedy.
tybarnett.net, facebook.com/comediantybarnett, twitter.com/tbarnett23

See Ty Barnett at Stand Up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club February 17 and 18.

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