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Scottsdale’s SPG Virtual Care

Offering quality, in-home healthcare to patients around the state, Scottsdale-based SPG Virtual Care is on a mission to change healthcare as we know it.

Founded by Dr. Nima Ghadimi, an internist, the goal of Scottsdale Physicians Group (SPG) is to deliver the right healthcare at the right time, whether a patient is suffering from a common cold, an urgent medical condition or even an injury. The SPG team provides best-in-class healthcare in a variety of settings, from hospitals and independent living facilities to patient’s homes.

Bringing healthcare directly to both pediatric and adult patients is not only convenient (no need to deal with endless lingering in germy waiting rooms and finding transportation for those who might find that to be a challenge), but it also reduces costs to the system and helps maintain a healthier population

Within the comfort and safety of one’s own home, the SPG team offers cutting-edge technology; in fact, there is almost no service that can be performed at a doctor’s office that SPG can’t offer, like taking vitals, looking in the eyes, ears, nose and throat and administering an EKG.

In addition to administering COVID-19 testing, SPG is one of the few companies with the ability to offer monoclonal antibody therapy for patients with COVID-19 in the home.

SPG accepts a wide variety of insurances, including Medicare. Patients may be charged a co-pay and/or deductible, depending on the specifics of your plan. SPG also offers a self-pay program.

To connect with SPG Virtual Care, call 480.268.2670, email [email protected] or visit www.spgvc.com.

7975 N. Hayden Rd. Ste. D-354
Scottsdale, AZ

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