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UGlow Face & Body PRP Hair Restoration

As the premier provider of custom PRP Hair Restoration in Arizona, Scottsdale’s UGlow Face & Body is a one-stop shop to treat hair loss, strengthen healthy hair and, thus, gain confidence in your day-to-day life.

Who doesn’t feel like a million bucks after they step out of the hair salon? Well, for those who experience thinning hair or hair loss, that feeling might be hard to come by. That is where UGlow Face & Body comes to the rescue, as the Scottsdale-based medspa offers PRP Hair Restoration.

During this easy three-step process, blood is drawn, processed to separate the platelet-rich plasma (which is a nutrient-packed serum that your body uses to heal itself) and then deposited into the scalp to stimulate and strengthen hair follicles. This process will repair damaged cells and rapidly stimulate hair growth. In addition to the confidence one will gain from new, thicker hair growth, the process also results in prevention of sun damage on a previously exposed scalp.

PRP Hair Restoration consists of three to five treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart.

Krista Kutac, founder of UGlow

UGlow Face & Body specializes in advanced, cutting-edge technology and customized treatment plans not found anywhere else in Arizona. Their goal is simple: to deliver superior results that last. UGlow was founded on the belief that results matter. In fact, in the world of aesthetics, it’s the only thing that matters because that is what patients are paying for and deserve. Their approach to a meaningful consultation and skin assessment ensures that each person is given a recommendation based on individual skin concerns and goals. With 38 years of collective experience and more than 100,000 treatments performed, UGlow patients are in the best of hands.

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