Unique Date Nights

Puzzle Rides

Puzzle Rides is a 75-minute adventure game and history lesson where players, ages five and up, are taken on a route they determine via golf cart and have to use teamwork to solve a series of puzzles before time runs out. Adventures include a Pirate’s Treasure Adventure, Ghost Rides, Wild West Heist and, a new favorite, Rock ’N Roll Rides, created for the 21-plus crowd. Seeking a one-of-a-kind date night that can accommodate two to six people? Look no further! With 16 participating bars in Scottsdale, Puzzle Rides participants will visit four bars chosen at random from Rock ’N Roll color-coded containers taking participants to their next destination. Using the elements of the route and clues from each bar, participants are on a timer to unlock the “Drink of the Bar.” But you have to hurry before time runs out, or else it’s off to the next bar. And if the summer nights are too hot in Scottsdale, head up to Prescott to find Puzzle Rides waiting to pick you up for your next adventure. -Deanna and Kurt Mangum

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