How to Make Your Garage Look Better: 8 Inspirational Tips

A garage may not be your favorite place in the house but trust us: that’s only because it doesn’t look good. If you fix all the damage and redecorate slightly, you can create a useful room out of nowhere. Whatever you need – a home office, a guest room, a workshop, or a place to store all your garden stuff – it can look well and serve your needs.

And don’t worry – your garage renovation doesn’t have to take much time or money. In this article, you’ll find eight inspirational tips that will help you fix and redesign the place: from adding insulation to installing new lighting to replacing the door. All you need is a desire to change something – and if you do have it, it’s a high time to start. Let’s dive in.

Repair the Damage

The first you need to do before remodeling your garage is fix all the damage. Check for cracks and holes in the walls and the ceiling, and repair them – it’s not very hard. If there’s high moisture build-up in the garage, check for leaks and eliminate them immediately to prevent any mold forming.

Keep an eye out for garage door problems – if there are any, don’t hesitate to contact professionals and fix everything as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may encounter bigger problems with your garage door in the future.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Doors might seem like small things, but they are very important when it comes to protecting the garage from weather conditions. Moreover, a nice garage door – for example, a Wayne Dalton garage door – can make the place look fabulous and unique.

There are many types of garage doors available: wood, metal, fiberglass, and plastic. To make the right choice, think about your needs and preferences. If you have lots of valuable stuff stored in the garage and have no intention of moving it anytime soon, it would be better to invest in a steel door. If you only need a place to keep the car there, a wooden door will do just fine. And if you want to convert your garage into a room, look for something that will keep the warmth inside.

Add Insulation

If your garage has a large open space, you might want to consider insulating it. Otherwise, it may not get heated enough when necessary and let the cold inside the house. Insulation can protect your home from outdoor noise and heat loss. It can also help you keep your vehicle warm in winter.

You can look for ways to insulate the garage yourself or hire a professional to do that for you. Either way, remember to cover the cracks and gaps in the walls and install good doors and windows that won’t let the cold inside.

Upgrade Your Garage Flooring

A flooring change can give your garage a fresher look and make the place feel more comfortable. There are many flooring options available on the market, so you can choose something based on your needs and desires.

For example, if you have a workshop, look into waterproof flooring like vinyl or epoxy resin, so whatever you do, the floor won’t get damaged. Or, if you want to focus on aesthetics rather than functionality, carpeting might be your best choice – but keep in mind that it can become dirty quite fast, especially if your garage is located in the basement.

Improve Garage Lighting

The next thing you should do is get rid of all the old lighting (unless you already have something that serves all your needs). If you have a fluorescent tube light, it may be time to replace it with a new one. Make sure that you buy the light that matches your needs: if you don’t have many items to store in the garage, you can go for a smaller one. If your garage is stuffed with things, you may want to install a larger lamp.

Another thing that can help you add more light to your place is installing windows. While they might take up extra space on the walls, they will definitely make the room brighter. Plus, they allow you to see what’s happening in the yard without going out.

Paint The Walls

Whoever said that painting walls is boring never thought of doing this in their garage. It doesn’t matter whether you paint everything white or decide to create something unique – just do it. Repainting can change the look of the room entirely, and it can easily boost your mood – after all, it’s a creative task. And it’s only a garage, so you don’t have to worry about doing it perfectly.

If you want to repaint your garage, start by applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Then, think about making the place look fun – you can paint a picture, create an accent wall, or simply paint the walls with different colors.

Add A Workbench And Storage Shelves

If you want to create a workshop in your garage, there’s no way around it: you need to add a workbench and storage shelves. It’s the only way to keep your tools and materials organized and safe – so don’t hesitate to do it right away. You can buy a workbench and shelves or do them yourselves and paint them a fun color.

Install A Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans aren’t just useful when the weather outside is hot and muggy – they can help you cool the place down. For example, if your garage serves as a storage room, a ceiling fan will remove humidity and excess heat. And if you have a workshop, it can help you stay cool and comfortable when working.

A Final Note

Whether your garage serves as a storage room, a workshop, or a party place, it requires remodeling once in some time. After all, for the room to stay cool (or warm), dry and cozy, you need to maintain it well. And this means inspecting and refreshing the place.

If you want to give your garage a makeover, you need to do it thoroughly, step-by-step: repair the damage, upgrade the door and the flooring, add insulation, install new lighting and a ceiling fan, repaint, and add shelves. This way, your place won’t only serve you and your car better – it will also become much more comfortable.

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