Fabulous People: Abbie Mirata

Abbie Mirata is the owner of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice in Chandler, opening June 2020! Abbie and her husband are opening the first Jeremiah’s Italian Ice in Arizona, which originated in Florida. Originally from Florida, Abbie is bringing a piece of her home here to the desert. Learn more about Abbie Mirata…

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

First job: My very first job title was Sandwich Artist! I became an expert at making subs and it was there I first learned the importance of taking care of customers. The restaurant was walking distance from my house. I still remember how much I loved interacting with the customers and that I ate way too many of the cookies. My next job was a completely different environment – I worked as a hood tech for an oil change place. I was barely 18 years-old when I applied for a cashier position and all they had was an opening for a hood tech – so I asked for the opportunity and got it!

Favorite AZ restaurant: Brickyard in Downtown Chandler. This is my “Cheers”. We love the staff there and Gavin the owner is someone we’ve watched take such good care of his people and his community! We love the feel of the place, we love that the menu changes so there’s always something new to try and we love just sitting at the bar chatting with staff and customers and hanging out!

Person who has impacted your life the most: This is such a tough question to answer! How do you narrow down to one person? I can’t. The immediate answer that comes to mind first is my parents for bringing me into the world and supporting me completely for the first half of my life. Then there are my kids who completely altered how I look at the world and how my heart works. My husband who loves me and allows me to follow my whims and dreams; he brings out the best version of me. And then I have had countless professional mentors who each created an impact that has fully altered my life! For all of them I am extremely grateful!

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: Purchasing the Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise and being the first to introduce it to Arizona. I’ve had 20 years of work, learning, experiences, success and failures that led me to this decision. While we are just starting out on the path to make this business a success, the fact that John and I were in the position we were in to be able to make the financial investment and time commitment to do this is a huge accomplishment that puts all my other professional achievements into perspective. We celebrate each win and each step along the way, but I believe that when we are fully up and running and successful, I will still look back and say that the ability to take that first step one was my biggest accomplishments!

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: The year 2010! Honestly, that was the year I got divorced, was laid off from my job at that time and, went from earning 6-figures to waiting tables. I had to foreclose on my house and file for bankruptcy. It was a very rough year where the hits kept coming. Now a decade later, it feels like a little blip or bump in the road. I left my pride at the door, asked for help and did what I had to do to rebuild, and am smarter and stronger for it all.

Someone who inspires you: My kids and the generation they represent. Every time I feel fear, find myself holding back from taking a risk or allowing “societal norms” to take over – I look at what they are doing. Experience is important, but sometimes inexperience takes us further. When we don’t have the cynicism, the baggage, or battle wounds from the lessons behind us – we are less likely to hold ourselves back from pushing boundaries. That’s what I see in my kids and their peers right now. They have an absolute all-in attitude with no fear of failure. My challenge is finding the balance between the two, but they inspire me to do better. I mean, if a 20-year-old can do it – why can’t I?

Favorite quote: “I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” – Anne Frank

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to people in your network, let them know what you are doing. You’ll be surprised at how much you don’t know about people you feel close too. A lot of them have experience in areas you are unaware of and can become a great source of help and guidance. Do not go into business ownership or franchise ownership in a vacuum. There are a ton of resources out there – get off the internet and get into your community and find people to talk to face to face.

What makes someone fabulous: Kindness, love, authenticity, compassion and kitchen dance parties!


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