Tips for Avoiding Coronavirus from Dr. Webb

Like everyone right now, Dr. Burt Webb of VitalityMDs is concerned about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its lasting effects. Dr. Webb, who has been practicing medicine for over 40 years, was gracious enough to sit down with Fabulous Arizona and offer some simple, at-home measures that we can all take to avoid the contraction and spreading of this serious pandemic.

Wash Your Hands

Dr. Webb knows you have probably heard this enough, but he still feels it bears repeating. “Wash your hands thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds, with warm soap and water, and make sure to get [under] the fingernails and all the way down your fingers with the lather,” the doctor says. He stresses that washing your hands will never fully wash away all the bacteria and germs that live on your skin, but will go a long way to killing most of what lives there, including viruses like COVID-19. “Be mindful of what you have touched since your last hand-washing,” the doctor adds, “keep a mental log, and be sure to not touch anyone else or near your face until you’ve washed them again.”

Drink Water

Here is an easy one that we in the Valley should be used to. “There is a belief that if this virus gets into your mouth,” Dr. Webb says, “and you wash it down with frequent sips of water, then it is going to go into your stomach and have a better chance to be destroyed as opposed to growing in your mouth and being drawn in your lungs.” Hydration is always paramount to having a healthy immune system, and the doctor stresses that many small sips throughout the day will keep your metabolism going and give your stomach a better chance of breaking down bacteria.

Social Distancing

It’s the buzzword of the day, but Dr. Webb says we cannot understate the importance of this one enough. “Limit your contact,” he says. “If you have been forced to stay home or can afford to work from home, please do so.” The doctor stresses that the more you can limit your unnecessary interactions, you should. “You could have been exposed to the virus and not be aware, and so coming into contact with people, especially elderly people, could have serious consequences,” he adds. 

Take Supplements

As a devoted proponent of intestinal health and the effects it has on our vitality and immune system, the doctor recommends a few easy-to-find supplements to make sure your gut is operating at peak condition in the face of this virus. “About 70 percent of your immune system comes from your GI tract,” Dr. Webb says, “that’s your intestines, that’s the wall and what’s inside.” The first is a good probiotic. “You want to make sure there are at least 10 billion colonies in each serving,” the doctor says. Three other fantastic over-the-counter supplements are Berberine, Butyrate, and L-Glutamine. “All of these are great for your intestinal wall and gut health, and will help keep your immune system strong in the face of viral infections,” he says.

In closing, the doctor recommends following the guidelines of the CDC and being as cautious as you possibly can. “If you feel any symptoms, be sure to self-quarantine and seek medical help as soon as possible,” he stresses. “Together, with the proper steps and care, we will overcome this terrible pandemic.” 

For more information about Dr. Burt Webb and VitalityMDs, visit vitalitymds.com.

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