Organizational Tips for Your Kitchen

As advised by the CDC, many of us are spending a lot of time at home, making it the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and organizing. We turned to Leslie Lehr Living to share with us some tips for organizing your kitchen to help make this time at home productive. An organized and functional space can make your life easier and less stressful – something we could all use right now!

“When we eliminate clutter, we honor our home by creating a sanctuary that radiates pride, serenity, joy,  and comfort.”  – Leslie Lehr

Grocery Storage

Taking the time to properly store fresh groceries upon arriving at home will make things easier to find and save you time when it comes to meal preparation.   

  1. Fresh Produce – Once you return home with groceries (or receive them from delivery), begin to clean and prepare fresh produce for refrigeration. By cleaning and storing fresh produce in advance, you save time during meal preparations. Having fresh clean produce easily available encourages healthy eating habits.
  2. Dry Goods – Take dry goods out of boxes and store in air tight containers. 
  3. Beverages – Remove packaging from drinks and store in an organized manner.

Pantry and Refrigerator Purge

Purge expired items from the pantry and refrigerator when returning from the grocery store. Before you store the new groceries, take 15 minutes to edit your currently inventory. This means removing empty boxes, expired items, and rotten produce. Also take the time to consolidate containers and reorganize storage areas.


For more organizational tips from Leslie Lehr Living, visit leslielehrliving.com.

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