basis health tracker

Basis Health Tracker for Healthier Habits

Basis, a fitness and sleep tracker, is a band you wear on your wrist like a watch to track your fitness and sleep patterns and can help you adopt healthier habits.

basis health tracker

The band is pretty stylish and looks like a watch. It may not be the best accessory for a dress, but I definitely liked how it looked with my workout clothes. The band is also pretty unobtrusive, and you quickly forget you are even wearing it.

basis health tracker
The technology of Basis is unique compared to some other fitness and sleep trackers. Basis incorporates multiple sensors, including heart rate, perspiration, skin temperature and motion, providing a pretty comprehensive analysis of your health.

Basis uses its multiple sensors and BodyIQ technology to automatically track:

  • Activities (walking, running and biking) with no mode-setting or tagging required.
  • Sleep (again, no button-pushing or mode-setting), including its Advanced Sleep Analysis that is able to detect all sleep phases:
    • REM (only band capable of detecting REM, which is important for mental recovery)
    • Deep sleep
    • Light Sleep
    • Toss-and-turn
    • Interruptions
    • Total duration and sleep score

One thing to note though is that this band doesn’t track HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. The quick spikes in heart rate don’t seem to register properly. But it worked fine for my runs and I loved the steps tracking. It made me realize how sedentary I was during the day when I sat at my computer for hours on end. Being more conscious of this resulted in me taking more breaks from my computer and take a walk – something we should all be doing!!

The sleep tracker was the real winning aspect for me. I am notorious for not getting enough sleep – I average 5 hours a night. The band made me much more aware of exactly how much sleep I was getting (or not getting). What’s great about Basis is you can set goals, such as calories burned, steps taken, hours of sleep, etc. I know 8 hours of sleep a night is ideal, but I set my goal for 6.5 hours to start (baby steps…). I was able to review my patterns (how many times I tossed and turned, how many interruptions in my sleep throughout the night, amount of time spent in REM, etc.). I also received notifications of when I consistently hit my goal (a virtual pat on the back is always nice).

basis health tracker

Basis syncs easily with the Basis app that you can download on your phone (can be done automatically using Bluetooth) and your online profile that you can log into on the computer.

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  1. Looking nice! I personally like this fitness tracker band because it can track our physical activity and give you the basic health information quickly.

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