Build Your Own Camper Van

Are you someone who wants to live a completely unplugged life? Who wants to travel and have a front-row seat to the most beautiful parts of the country? Here, Mikey Rudman, the founder of Phoenix-based Tommy Camper Vans, discusses how the one-stop shop takes you on a journey of building your own custom camper van.

First of all, who is the ideal candidate for the camper van way of life? “This is their dream,” Rudman says. Camper van customers want beyond what a typical RV can provide. Camper van travelers don’t want to spend their time at RV sites; they want to be close to the ocean, submerged in nature and have the ability to completely unplug.

Once someone decides that this low-maintenance, carefree lifestyle is right for them, Rudman and his skilled team take them through the process of building their own camper van. First, sourcing the van. “We are the one and only one-stop-shop in Arizona. We can secure and provide a van in two to four weeks.” Other camper van companies require a customer to acquire and transport the camper van themselves, but not Tommy Camper Vans. Once they make a $5,000 deposit, customers can choose among four types of vans; Rudman then communicates with the customer during the sourcing process to ensure the van he has procured is right for them.

“From there, I will secure financing for the customer for the van purchase,” Rudman says. “Then all the fun stuff starts.” During the layout consult, customers can choose from four layouts when building their own camper van: Bennett (the most popular layout), Maddox (which has an interior shower), the jump seat (perfect for families) and the convertible dinette (ideal for those working remotely). Rudman also owns Go Green Body & Paint in Phoenix, which custom paints all Tommy Camper Vans. Plus, the team makes custom Tommy Roof Racks for each vehicle; therefore, there are no holes on the roof to create a water problem or constant re-caulking down the road.

The most exciting part of the layout and build process is that Tommy Camper Vans can work to meet just about any need of someone wanting to build their own camper van. In the past, the team has provided cat doors and bunks, room to house 100-lb. pups and gorgeous, one-of-a-kind mosaic art pieces.

Within three to four months, a customer’s camper van is ready to roll. To learn more about Tommy Camper Vans and how to start the process of building your own custom camper van, visit

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