Celebrity Inspired ‘Monsoon-Proof’ Hairstyles

Let’s face it – the dry Arizona weather has spoiled us over the years when it comes to perfecting our hairstyles. With the recent increase in humidity, it is only natural to slightly freak out. But don’t let the unfortunate weather changes ruin your hair possibilities.


Fuchsia Spa, located in Mesa, has provided the following tips and tricks to accomplishing the ideal hair-do even when there are not-so-ideal weather conditions:

  1. Apply frizz-ease serum to hair while showering. We recommend Alterna Bamboo Frizz Correcting. This will deep condition your scalp to reduce unwanted flyways and frizz.
  2. Brush through wet hair with a comb to ensure the Frizz Correcting serum reaches entire scalp.
  3. Blow out hair with large round brush. This will shorten the time needed to fully dry hair and decrease the amount of heat being locked into your hair.
  4. After hair is fully dry, apply shine serum prior to the final stylizing steps. Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist is a great product that compliments the Frizz Correcting Serum. This will hold in the final look, both for a straightened or curled style.
  5. Lastly, apply two coats of hair spray to lock in your final look, and prevent any unwanted movement. Fuchsia Spa recommends Aquage Finishing Spray to give hair hold and shine at the same time…plus it is humidity resistant!

The perfect monsoon-proof hairstyle is loose waves. A wavy style will adapt to the moisture that causes our hair to expand, without getting frizzy and out of control. Large waves are extremely popular right now, so we recommend using a 1.5 or 2 inch barrel curling iron to achieve low-key, natural waves. Section your hair and start at the root and slide the curling iron down the shaft of your hair (this will add extra smoothness) and stop the curling iron about 2 inches before the ends of your hair. Curl with the barrel away from your face. Continue with large sections until all of your hair is curled. Finish with Finishing Spray and you are ready to take on the storm!

Once you have perfected your style, the last thing you want to do is have to start the process all over again the next day; so what is the best product to use? Dry shampoo! To give hair a fresh look on second-day hair and lengthen the life of your style, Fuchsia Spa recommends Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Dry Shampoo Spray. This particular product does not stick or leave unwanted residue to your roots, it soaks up the unwanted root and scalp grease, plus it adds volume to second day hair.

There is no longer a need to stress over cloudy skies or muggy air; now you can accomplish your best hair days no matter what Mother Nature has in store… and make it last!

For more hair tips or to book your appointment in Fuchsia’s blow dry bar, call 480.813.7465.

Fuchsia Spa, a full-service day spa located in the East Valley, strives to be an “everyday spa for the everyday girl.” Fuchsia Spa offers services that utilize prestigious products, including Clarisonic, Image and Eminence Organic Skin care, at an affordable price. Its services include a blow dry bar, body wraps and scrubs, facials, manicures and pedicures, massages, hair removal and spray tanning- everything a women needs to feel confident in her own skin. For more information, visit www.fuchsiaspa.com.

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