Featured Comedian Q&A: Matt Fulchiron

MattFulchironComedian Matt Fulchiron is performing June 22-23 at Stand Up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club. Check out Fab AZ’s exclusive interview with Matt Fulchiron:

Q: Where are you from?
A: I’m from Lexington Park, MD. A small, small town in the middle of nowhere. Middle Earth has more supermarkets.

Q: How long have you been doing comedy?
A: I’ve been doing comedy for 14 years, if you don’t count my skateboarding career.

Q: How was your first gig? Was it immediately gratifying, or did you bomb at first?
A: I did great on my first show. It was an open mic at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. I could barely speak and paced around the stage like a mad man, but somehow I still got laughs, even though I was so nervous I don’t think I finished one sentence.

Q: What can comedy goers expect from you at Stand-Up, Scottsdale! this weekend?
A: They can expect me to speak into a microphone for 45 minutes, with punchlines every 30 seconds. That’s a nice ratio.

Q: What is the source of inspiration for your comedy?
A: Failure, frustration, and disappointment. Come see me. It’ll be very uplifting!!!!!!!!!!

Q: What has been your memorable comedy milestones so far?
A: Taping my Half Hour Special for Comedy Central was the biggest moment of my comedy career thus far, and the most fun. I was only “bleeped” for cursing 14 times.

Q: If you could receive a sext from one politician, one athlete, and one movie star, who would they be?
A: Sarah Palin (spelling mistakes are sexy), any of the girls from the US Women’s Soccer team, and Zooey Deschannel: AKA my baby’s mother.

Q: If you could buy one thing for everybody in the country, what would it be?
A: Adjustable gastric bands.

Q: What’s an interesting fact that people wouldn’t know about you?
A: Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington from “Welcome Back, Kotter” was once in my apartment. I’ll never tell why.

Q: Where can people find more information about you? Anything coming up we should know about?
A: Anything you want to know about me you can find at www.thefullcharge.com. You can also check out my random thoughts on Twitter: @thefullcharge.

See Matt Fulchiron at Stand Up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club June 22-23.

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