How to Get Swimsuit Ready in 4 Weeks

Summer is upon us, which means pool parties and beach vacations. If you are not feeling swimsuit ready, HYPOXI can help you get there in just 4 weeks with their low impact exercise method that targets specific areas of fat and cellulite.

HYPOXI is a low impact exercise method that uses advanced vacuum and compression technology (plus healthy nutrition of course), to activate your body’s natural system to burn specific areas of fat and cellulite. Fatty deposits build in areas with less than optimal circulation and by increasing that circulation during exercise, the body will naturally trim the fat from the area that is isolated by the suction. It sounds a little crazy, but there is really is a science behind all of this.

Within 4 weeks (12 sessions, 3 times per week), you could see a reduction in cellulite and trim inches off your waist, hips, butt or legs. The owner of Fabulous Arizona saw a reduction in cellulite in the back of her legs and lost 2 inches in her waist after just 2 weeks of sessions (click here to read about Cynthia Sassi’s experience at HYPOXI).

The key is consistency! Make sure you are going 3 times a week – preferably the same time each day, and spread out over the week (such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday sessions OR Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday sessions).

So if you are panicking over a quickly approaching pool party, head on over to HYPOXI for a free trial: hypoxibody.com.

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