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LaseMD and Vivace at Curated Medical Scottsdale

Welcome fall with a fresh glow! Curated Medical in Scottsdale offers two of the industry’s most cutting-edge treatments–LaseMD and Vivace–to take care of your skin concerns with little down time and beautiful, natural results.

LaseMD, which was created by Lutronic, is considered to be the latest in laser skin-resurfacing treatments. Treatments, which typically take about a hour, treat sun damage, acne, scarring, Melasma, rough skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. During this non-invasive treatment, the laser targets the deeper layers of the skin in order to boost the production of collagen and elastin.

Three to six treatments, spaced about a month apart, are ideal to reach max results with the LaseMD treatment. Results typically peak at six months. LaseMD patients may experience skin redness for a few days and will need to avoid makeup for a day and exercise and sun exposure for several days.

In addition to LaseMD, Curated Medical Scottsdale also offers Vivace, the top FDA-cleared radiofrequency microneedling treatment on the market. The treatment brings together radiofrequency (heat) with traditional microneedling and is proven to help skin tone, fine lines, pore size, skin dullness and scarring as well as tighten skin. Though results are noticeable immediately, skin will look better and better as it heals itself.

Both LaseMD and Vivace microneedling at Curated Medical Scottsdale can be used nearly anywhere on the body–not just the face–including your neck, chest and hands.

Dr. Katie Mann, founder of Curated Medical Scottsdale

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