Monarq Friend App Debuts in Phoenix

Monarq, an iPhone app that allows women to connect with other women to build meaningful friendships, will be launching their first market in Phoenix, Arizona.


The Monarq iPhone app, created for women by women, is meant to make it easy for women to make one-on-one, authentic, obligation-free connections with like-minded women. The goal to enrich women’s lives by helping them make friends with other women whether for a day or a lifetime.

How did this idea come about? After almost a decade in finance, co-founders Diana Murakhovskaya and Irene Ryabaya, left the glitter and flashing lights of Wall Street for the hacking and hustling of the startup world. The two women traveled the world (both together and apart), mentored, connected with many inspiring people and worked on their own EdTech, FinTech, Foodie and Social Media startups. On a hill on Borneo, Malaysia, they decided to start a business together and gave themselves 30 days to figure out what that company would be. After going through all the ideas they’ve ever had, the one that resonated most was building a tool to help women connect and make friends. The first validation for them came from their network. Every time they shared the idea with other women, the response was overwhelming with strangers telling them “This is necessary.” Diana and Irene knew they found a huge problem and that solving that problem would be rewarding and fulfilling in ways their former finance jobs could never be. Serendipity brought them together as friends and business partners and they want to share the joy and fulfillment their friendship has given them with other women.

In honor of the Monarq iPhone app launch, the founders are hosting a series of events in the Phoenix area. Get the complete list of events at

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