Scottsdale Pet Resort: The Happy Dog Inn

For many of us, our dogs are one of the family. Leaving these furry children behind when you take a vacation can be heartbreaking, but a fabulous pet resort in North East Scottsdale will help put your mind at ease. The Happy Dog Inn is a small, unique pet resort that offers complete personalized care for beloved canine companions.


Every aspect of the The Happy Dog Inn has been designed to insure quality and lower the stress for the four-legged guests that stay there. Unlike many other pet hotels or resorts, there are not numerous part time employees coming and going, caring for several hundred dogs. The Happy Dog Inn has two dedicated adults 24 hours a day caring for typically about 20 dogs at a time.

Tom Hebert and Nicky Thomson are the two dog experts who care for the guests at The Happy Dog Inn. Both Tom and Nicky are passionate about what they do and treat each and every dog as if they were their own. Tom has been a professional in the dog world since 1976 when he was a Police Dog Handler in the United States Air Force. He started Canine Behavior Consultants Ltd. in 1982 to specialize in Animal Behavior problems. Nicky is a lifelong dog lover who also has a unique ability to work with and communicate with dogs. She has experience in dog obedience training, show handling, tracking and therapy dogs.

In addition to great people tending to our four-legged family members, The Happy Dog Inn has unique amenities that help make the guests feel comfortable away from home. The luxury boarding suites are attached to the home that Tom and Nicky stay in, so your dog has 24 hour care for added peace of mind. Each suite has a raised bed, soothing music, constant fresh water supply, separate ventilation, a TV view, a window and a doggy door to an individual covered patio. Additionally, there are 6 exercise yards where the dogs can run and play.

Arial Shot of Resort (left), Luxury Suites (right)

The rates are $50.00 for the first dog, $25.00 for each additional dog from the same home in the same suite, per night. This is very reasonable considering the personalized care each dog receives. The Happy Dog Inn prices are all inclusive – no added fees for group play, potty walks, beds, cookies, treats, medication administration, play times or 9.30 p.m. “potty times.” The Happy Dog Inn uses this flat fee pricing because they believe that every guest should receive complete care.

Tours of The Happy Dog Inn are available daily, 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. To schedule a tour call 480.941.8040.

For more information about The Happy Dog Inn visit

The Happy Dog Inn
28307 N. 156th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85262


  1. Congrats Tom, looks like you made it all come together, you followed your dream!

  2. Hello – just wondering if you know the model is in the photo? We’d be interested in hiring her for a photo shoot (not dog related) of our own. Thanks in advance either way! Cheers – Scot

  3. Ann Willer

    Glad to see you reach your dream. We will have to bring our latest #3 chow for a visit.

  4. This place looks amazing! Thanks for sharing- such a great read! Definitely going to have to check it out for my pup!

  5. This place looks amazing! Thanks for sharing- such a great read! Definitely going to have to check it out for my pup! It can be so tricky finding a place to board that they will still feel at home at! <3

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