What to Wear to Arizona Fashion Week

What to wear to Arizona Fashion Week 2023 is on everyone’s minds as the popular week of events returns for its second year from Oct. 22 to Nov. 5. For socialites and fashionistas attending Arizona Fashion Week, this is a great opportunity to showcase your personal style while also getting a little outside your comfort zone and trying new things. Think edgy, vibrant and bold for not just your attire, but also hair, makeup and accessories for these fashion events this fall.

The Ryan M. Scottsdale team recommends having fun with hairstyles for Arizona Fashion Week. “Bold and dramatic hairstyles can be like an accessory to your outfit,” says Ryan McKinley, owner of Ryan M. Scottsdale. “Chic updos, slicked-back hair or tousled locks can provide a transformative finishing touch to your Fashion Week look.”

Read on for some inspiration from Arizona Fashion Week designers and partners to help you determine what to wear to Arizona Fashion Week this year.


You can never go wrong with a tailored sports coat for a classic look. Sequins paired with neutrals can offer a pop of shine, without being overwhelming. Black, silver and pink are a beautiful combination of colors this season.


For a more bold look, bright pinks and reds are on trend for a retro style. Picking just one piece of your outfit to really pop and be the star is a good rule of thumb. The standout pieces showcased here from left to right are the graphic tee, red cocktail dress, sequin pants, red feather skirt and pink-and-red feather coat.


For a dapper, evening look, a suede jacket (left) is always an elegant touch. You can pair it with trousers and a button-down for a classic look. A collared sports coat with a patterned shirt (right) adds a little bit of edge to an otherwise standard outfit.

Now that you know what to wear to Arizona Fashion Week, get your tickets and see the complete list of events at azfw2023.com. Be sure to use promo code FABAZ for discounted tickets.

Photographer: Jeff Otto  
X Phoenix
Hair: Ryan M. Scottsdale
Makeup: Gabi Villalta / Chantel Hardison / Aleyah Hernández
Models: Aerial Owens / Agorot Euei / Cameryn Lee / Cassandra Lopez / Clara Mckinley / Dakota Nobles / Daisjion Draper / David Arsene / Lindsey Clint / Miguel Garcia / Tyler Stone / Zade Nassar
Styling: Luxe & City 
Wardrobe and Accessories: Lucky Rose / House Of Donaldson / The Aesthetik / Dria Dair Boutique / Lamark Cole / Loveur / Haus Of Hendo

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