What to Wear to The Polo Party

With The Stella Artois Polo Classic: Presented by Ketel One just around the corner in Scottsdale, we teamed up with Luxe & City and wardrobe stylist Ashley Paige on this lush lineup of warm weather-friendly looks that put comfort first.

1. “Coordinating outfits with your Polo Party buddy is another great way to have head-turning outfits,” says Paige. “I stuck with a color scheme of pastel tones that complemented one another. Both outfits have texture and prints and that is something I always look for.”


2. “When I dress myself or clients for an event, I always think of comfort first. There is nothing worse than being at an event in shoes that make you miserable, wishing you had brought a jacket because you’re cold, or wishing you went with lightweight pants instead of that skirt you can’t move in.” Plus, adding a hat is always a sure way to bring an outfit attention–and additional sun protection for an alfresco event.


3. “Arden’s jacket is unique with the print, color and a flower lapel. Men are sometimes limited in how they can change up their look while feeling comfortable. Wearing fun colors, like this mint shirt, is a great way to bring attention to any outfit and will surely be something not many others are doing.”

4. “The weather can be unpredictable in Arizona,” says Paige. “Sometimes it’s cool, but the sun is always out. Bringing a lightweight jacket is always a good idea, just in case!”


Creative Agency: Luxe & City
Photographer: Jim Hesterman
Wardrobe Stylist: Ashley Paige
Hair: S&L Trends
Makeup: The Simple Allure
Men’s Wardrobe: Being Dapper
Women’s Wardrobe: Charmed Avenue
Location: Camelot Homes
Models: Samantha Ingram / Arden May

For more information about The Polo Party and to purchase tickets, visit thepoloparty.com

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