Phoenicia Essence Premier Home Fragrances

Thirty years ago, Sam and Debbi Habbel took a leap of faith and launched a scenting business out of their garage. Fast-forward to 2021, the Habbels are known as pioneers in scent marketing and their brand, Phoenicia Essence, is now one of the top scent marketing businesses in the nation.

In the early 90’s, most scents were used in restrooms and to control odor. However, Sam and Debbi Habbel believed scents could be used in other areas of the home and business to impact one’s mood and behavior on the subconscious level (a k a scent marketing). Thus, Phoenicia Essence was born, with a goal to enhance one’s living space and spread joy through fragrance.

Via Phoenicia Essence’s cold-air diffusing technology (the brand has several diffuser systems available, depending on your needs), the essential oils stay in their original, concentrated form. The scent distribution is customizable, and the fragrance intensity is just right. Plus, the scent travels farther and remains in the air longer than with other home scenting options. Unlike candles, reed diffusers, wax burners and other forms of home fragrance, Phoenician Essence does not require the burning of a flame, dilution of water or adding solvents.


The essential oils are crafted of the highest quality of raw and natural ingredients, with no harmful components, like artificial additives, synthetic colors or harmful chemicals. The diffuser oil blends and essential oils are formulated for family and pets, created well above industry standards and meet government requirements.

Plus, getting started with Phoenicia Essence is easy and convenient. Users can control their Phoenicia Essence diffuser system with a mobile device, via an app. From slating a scenting schedule to determining the intensity level, this is an entirely customizable experience.


There are more than 30 essential oil blends available, with the addition of seasonal fragrances, which are in high demand. Top-selling options include Baja Cactus Bloom, a blend of coconut, bergamot, apple, magnolia, jasmine, cactus petals, vanilla, musk and sandalwood; and Mahogany Teakwood, an inspiring blend of mahogany, teakwood, oak, musk with a hint of citrus splash, lavender, jasmine and gardenia, among many other glorious scents. Depending on diffuser settings, fragrances should last up to 11 weeks.

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