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Celebrate the Month of Love with Phoenicia Essence

February is the month of love–and Valley’s own Phoenicia Essence offers just the thing to celebrate. Via its Intimate Collection, Phoenicia Essence’s essential oils promote intimacy, enhance romantic mood and, in many cases, increase libido. Essential oils are known to have a very positive impact on one’s wellness, from the […]

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Phoenicia Essence Fall Fragrances

The start of fall is arguably the most welcome time of year in Arizona, and Phoenicia Essence’s fall fragrance lineup accentuates those cozy, warm vibes that fill the air (literally, thanks to the Arizona company’s cold-air diffusing technology) during the onset of October.


Phoenicia Essence Premier Home Fragrances

Thirty years ago, Sam and Debbi Habbel took a leap of faith and launched a scenting business out of their garage. Fast-forward to 2021, the Habbels are known as pioneers in scent marketing and their brand, Phoenicia Essence, is now one of the top scent marketing businesses in the nation.