Fab Couples: Arizona

Claudia & Eric Sieb

Claudia and Eric Sieb, principals of The Sieb Organization

Home base: Buckeye

How did your love story begin? We both worked with a dear friend, DD Kullman, for her writing and creative skills. There was a picture of Claudia on her desk with DD and Eric said, “I want to meet her!” She arranged for us both to come to her Super Bowl party, and it was googly-eyes from the start. That was 22 years ago.

Favorite thing about one another: Claudia: Eric works to be kind. He is dedicated to understanding the world, and that for me is a compelling characteristic. He’s supportive of my work, art and interests and protective of our lives — all good things to have in a partner!

Eric: Claudia is beautiful and charming, aspirational and competitive, a gifted creative, and a very smart business professional. She’s truly been one of my greatest life gifts!

Favorite date night: Travel, travel, travel. We love international travel and exploring the elegance each culture brings to the planet. While we can’t do it non-stop, it is often our best times together — it truly fills our cup as we are both creatives and need constant input to keep the tank full. We also love gathering with friends, and experiencing the arts, of course.

Favorite tradition you have as a couple: Ha! Every day, week and year is always so different! I’d have to think about that one!

What does your happily ever after look like? Claudia: Well, we are enjoying our new home, and we also enjoy the time we can spend in the South. Ultimately, we expect to be there more often than Arizona, but that may come with time. Taking care of our health and being outdoors as well as exploring this planet. I also see us ramping up the service work we do for others. And, of course, don’t forget the grand babies. It’s astonishing how much joy they bring and seeing the kids as parents is some of my best moments!

Eric: We both seek and savor beautiful environments, experiences and meeting interesting people. We’ve been very blessed and fortunate to see a lot of the world together over the past 22 years and hope to do more in the future.

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